Toyota To Withdraw 1.66M Vehicles Worldwide

Oct 29, 2010

Toyota Motor Corp.  faces another recall of its 1.66 million sold vehicles worldwide consisting of Avalons, Lexus, Highlander and other vehicles with three different problems primarily with its master cylinder brake seal.  The company announced no reported accidents from these automotive problems.  These recalled vehicles are in its home, Japan and its major market the United States.

What is happening with Toyota?  This car giant is an epitome of gold standard of reliability and excellence worldwide. But, recent technical problems on their cars have tarnished the image of the company as a major leading car manufacturer.

The Japanese car maker has made previous recalls two months ago with its 1.3 million units of Corolla and Matrix cars from the United States with defective engine control modules that can stall the vehicle.  Since the November 2009 recall, the company has recalled a total of 14 million units globally wherein 11 million have been in the United States.  These problems have given Toyota its worst safety crisis and triggering a stricter inspection guidelines from national safety regulation entities.

In the United States, the current recall will affect 740,000 units of Highlander, Avalon, the Lexus GS300, and IS 250s and 350s models.   A defective brake master cylinder seal might cause fluid leak from the cylinder and result to braking problems.

"We see the recall as a representative of our commitment to our customers. We want to do everything we can to help restore confidence in our brand and with our customers and their vehicles," said Toyota spokesman Bryan Lyons.